LaTanya Junior

LaTanya Junior, CEO & Radio Show Host
Business Development, Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur & Teacher

LaTanya Junior is a leading authority with a 20+year track record of effectively planning, brand development building, implementing media and direct marketing strategies for some of the most recognized blue-chip brands world. LaTanya is a national and global award-winning multi- dimensional proven expert who adheres to both traditional and new age communication approaches. She has led award-winning advertising, media, direct marketing, strategic planning, interactive, digital, social media business development teams, programs and developed campaigns that extend from the most extensive reach in English and Spanish languages. LaTanya has held positions at some of the world’s most renowned and venerable marketing, brand development, media and advertising agencies such as Partner, Director of Strategic Planning with Ogilvy & Mather; VP, American Associations of Advertising Agencies (4A’S INNOVATION LAB), Chief Marketing & Program Development Officer, VP, Director of Marketing & Media Services with Stedman Graham & Partners; Brand Expert with Grey Advertising; Media & Direct Response Director with Young & Rubicam, Direct Marketing Manager with Wunderman, Cato & Johnson and Media Professional with Burson-Marsteller.

LaTanya knows and understands the science of how to architect a great brand, develop connection points and develop programs that are adaptable, accountable, measurable, sustainable, and profitable.

LaTanya’s Companies…

  • CEO, True One Agency
  • CEO, Corporate Boutique Network & TCB360 Radio Network & Advertising Agency
  • CEO, Talent iLab (

LaTanya’s Leadership and & Development Roles (Organizations)

  • ROSA PAC, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer
  • ESTELL GROUP, Chief Marketing Officer
  • JACKSON STATE UNIVERSITY, Director of Communications
  • GREATER WASHINGTON URBAN LEAGUE, Developer & Facilitator / Entrepreneur Training Programs
  • RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, Developer & Facilitator / Entrepreneur Training Programs
  • WILLIAM PATTERSON UNIVERSITY, Developer & Facilitator / Entrepreneur Training Programs
  • CHASE BANK, Developer & Facilitator / Entrepreneur Training Programs
  • FLEET BANK / BOA, Developer & Facilitator / Entrepreneur Training Programs
    to name a few

Here’s a Few Accolades…

LaTanya has been profiled and featured in leading media and news outlets including Advertising Age, New York Times, Media Week, Ad Week, Black Enterprise, Crain Magazine, PBS / Moyers Report, and BRE Magazine.

  • Received multiple industry awards throughout career, including a team Ogilvy Award (the highest industry award bestowed).
  • Appointed to the US Federal Communications Commission co-board consulting marketing and media members; recognized by then Vice President, Al Gore, in a Capitol Hill ceremony.
  • Authored several small business and entrepreneur marketing books (Creating Your Marketing Blueprint in 9 Steps) and a youth self- discovery book (Thumbology), carried by as many as 20,000 bookstores, including one that was named a “Top 100” small business planning book by Fortune Magazine.
  • Developed and marketed over 600 eCourses and seven University Adults Marketing Programs (in 64 counties)
  • Designed, Developed and Facilitated of 50 Entrepreneur Programs/Classes
  • Recipient of a 40 Under 40 Top Executive Achievement Award.
  • ECHO Award Judge for the Direct Marketing Association (top campaigns)
  • Yearly Direct Marketing Association Training Coach
  • Played a major role in developing and man ageing national and local direct marketing, online and educational programs for one of the world’s largest advertising agencies that achieved the highest consumer response rate.